Gotta Get my Steps! (Why I Love my Fitbit)

Since June 6th of 2015, there have been exactly three days that I have not worn my Fitbit. And yes, it killed me to miss out on the steps I was getting those days. I actually resented the walking that I normally celebrate.

A popular question my friends and family ask me is “are you still getting your steps?” I am mildly irritated with this question. OF COURSE I am still getting my steps. I typically set a goal for my Fitbit steps at the beginning of the month. I also pride myself on harassing others who have a Fitbit, “WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING YOUR FITBIT TODAY?”

I originally had a purple Fitbit Charge HR, possibly the ugliest of all the Fitbits. I didn’t care, I wore that thing every day and slept with it to track sleep quality at night. Looking back on old photos, I can always spot that big purple dinosaur on my wrist. 

Of all the things that I boast regarding my Fitbit, I am still amazed at the accuracy of the sleep measurement. Exactly a year after getting my first Fitbit, I ran it into the ground, and it died RIP… For an early birthday present, I was forced by my step addiction to order a brand new Fitbit Alta off amazon prime.

Although I miss a few features of the Charge HR, I love the Alta’s more feminine appearance in comparison and even got the pink leather band to switch out.

I can’t help that I am this person, the fanfare of my 20,000 (15,000 in the winter) steps buzzing on my wrist is so rewarding. Getting badges and alerting friends that I have pulled ahead is exhilarating to me. I dare anyone to start a Fitbit competition with me! I am a champion of the “Workweek Hustle”.

As you can see my Fitbit steps thrive in the summer and suffer in the winter, February of 2016 being my worst.

I will admit, winter in the midwest is hard on the Fitbit steps, but one of the greatest benefits of having a Fitbit for me is realizing when I am being sedentary. My Fitbit really pushes me when I had a busy day at school or a lazy weekend day. If 3 o’clock rolls around and I am not even at 5,000 steps I feel the pressure to put in some time walking or running.  

I love walking around the track on my lunch break, and I realize without a tool of accountability I would not be so motivated to move. My Fitbit really has made me a mindful person to how sedentary I am and holds me accountable to getting enough sleep. 

I often get asked why I don’t get an Apple Watch. From what I have hear about the Apple Watch, it doesn’t have enough features yet to make me buy into the higher price point.

However, I am very open to wearable technology– I really do use the features of getting texts and calls to scroll onto my Fitbit via bluetooth. A convenient little buzz on my wrist tells me when my phone is going off and who is trying to call or text. It gives me peace of mind when I can’t have my phone handy. I also often use the silent (vibrating) alarm everyday for reminders.

Happy Stepping,