You are the average of your top 5 podcasts: Motivational Podcast Recommendations

Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. If this is true, what about the people you listen to have hours of conversations?

For me, as a major consumer of podcasts, I have found that I often listen to podcasters talk more than people I spend time with. So I try to listen to podcasts not only for entertainment purposes but also knowledge and inspiration.

Podcasts are a huge part of my day, every morning I download new episodes from my favorites so that I can consume content on my hour long commute, during my walk to class, workout, and at night when I cook dinner.

You may spend an hour, at least, everyday playing music, or listening to the radio intermittently. If you replaced this time with a podcast, you are really opening yourself up to others’ knowledge, and experiences. Especially if you’re listening to podcasts produced by motivational people.

I really dived into the podcast world three years ago, when stuck working a desk job for 20 hours on weekends (10 hours Saturday and 10 hours Sunday, talk about sedentary). The time that I had to sit for so long in a desk to support myself became so much less grueling when I started to listen to podcasts and fill myself up with knowledge. Not to mention my walks got longer when I got home because I was so consumed with finishing an episode hearing about people’s stories.

The podcasts that I listen to today, heavily influenced my own worldview. I do feel as though I am a product of the podcasts that I consume and I would like to make the recommendation of the motivational podcasts below, so that you too can pass the time in a more productive way.


The Joe Rogan Experience

This was a gateway for me into the podcast world. It’s not surprising when you realize how widespread The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) is, making it one of the most popular podcasts on itunes. You may know Joe Rogan as the comedian who was the host of Fear Factor and is now the long time commentator of the UFC. After listening to his podcast you will realize he a just an incredibly motivated and introspective dude.

His podcasts are long form, like three hours long, and you can find episodes that vary from talking about conspiracy theories with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo, to talking to professional athletes like Lance Armstrong and Arian Foster, to interviewing PhD’s like Neil Degrasse Tyson.

As you can see the great thing about JRE is that there is a guest to suit almost everyone’s interests. I have played this podcast for my father-in-law and my younger brother (that’s a 50 year age gap), and they both found these conversations fascinating.

I have mentioned before in past posts the influence that listening to this podcast has had on me: from trying bikram yoga, to becoming a huge MMA fan. I have gotten many people on the JRE grind, (as I like to call it). Joe Rogan is an OG podcaster, and JRE was my gateway podcast drug.


Recommended episodes to get started: Any of the above mentioned episodes. If you need a laugh, and some crazy stories, any episode with Joey Diaz as a guest. If you want to get deep listen to an Episode with Sam Harris. If you want to learn, really learn, check out all the episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. My mom particularly found the episode with Leah Remini talking about scientology interesting. I could go on and one, but just start looking for a guest you want to hear, and prepare to train all day, Joe Rogan Podcast all night…


The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll’s Website describes him as:

“A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a 50-year old, accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, popular public speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living.”

Rich Roll and his guests will inspire your fitness game and your plant power. Rich talks to a plethora of people in the wellness community from high level athletes, meditation gurus, vegan advocates and famous MD’s.

Even if you are not a vegan or ultramarathoner, you will find the conversations that Rich Roll has fascinating. He has a great interviewing style, really more like a conversation, and you will feel invigorated to do something for your health and wellness after listening.

Recommended episodes to get started: The Travis Barker episode 269! Robin Arzón, episode 230. Kerri Walsh Jennings, episode 262. Wude, episode 87.

These are really my personal favorites, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Here is where you can find them all in addition to itunes.

Bulletproof Radio


Dave Asprey is the biohacking guru that created the Bulletproof Diet, and Bulletproof Coffee

This is another podcast that you might have to take notes on as it is information filled in every episode. This is a podcast that I more recently discovered, but I really can’t wait to get into the archives and explore the experts that Dave has talked to. Some of the topics you can dive deep into on this podcast are ketosis, gut health, microhabitats, and fasting.

Soul on Fire Podcast

Jordan Younger is the author of The Balanced Blonde, a famous blog of all things wellness. Although this is a newer podcast, I haven’t missed an episode. If you are like me and follow all the yoga, health and wellness peeps on instagram, you will be so excited to finally get to hear them talk and answer questions with Jordan for an hour.

A common theme with the Soul on Fire podcast is following your passions and entrepreneurship. This podcast has been really inspirational for me as a blogger, and listening to her guests wellness hacks has already turned me onto some new lifestyle habits.

Recommended episodes to get started: Sophie Jaffe, Episode 3. Kathryn Budig, Episode 9. Emily Nolan, Episode 16.

You can download them all from itunes Here

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Aubrey Marcus is the CEO of ONNIT, that’s O-N-N-I-T…(You’ll get it once you listen to as much JRE as I do)

Onnit is a “human optimization” company based out of Austin, Texas. Aubrey lives a crazy motivational lifestyle, as he said in the above episode, he didn’t make a health company because he was the healthiest person in the world, he made it because he aspires to be healthy (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist).

This is really more than a fitness podcast, and Aubrey has some really interesting guests along with some solo casts. The thing I love about this podcast is that Aubrey puts himself out there, whether it is talking about his open relationship with the smoking-hot, Whitney Miller or doing a spoken word that is in the above episode, which I loved by the way. Aubrey is a little out there with his world views, and is constantly explaining his inner talk with his ego. By listening to his podcast you’re really opening yourself up to some new ideas and motivations.

Recommended episodes to get started: Three Strategies to make 2017 your B***h, Episode 27, Joe Rogan. Episode 81, Trials and Triumphs of Open Relationships. Episode 68, Brendan Schaub– Submitting the Ego. Episode 85, Streetfights, a Balanced Life, and Man Stuff with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Watch on his Youtube channel or download on itunes

Tim Ferriss Show

If you’re not already listening to the Tim Ferriss Show, or if you haven’t heard of the four hour work week, what have you been doing?

Tim Ferriss is a human experiment, and I simply cannot do this podcast justice by explaining to you how much knowledge and inspiration it holds, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. So, I will quote exactly how Tim Ferriss describes his podcast on his website.

“Each episode, I deconstruct world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use.  This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.”

Tim Ferriss has some really high profile guests, and like he says he dives into their routines, habits and tricks. These are exactly the things that wellness obsessed people like myself want to know!

Recommended episodes to get started: My personal favorite guest are Jamie Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, and Chris Sacca. (all huge names, all hugely successful)

Watch his youtube or download on itunes



I found FoundMyFiness from being completely fascinated by the many appearances that Dr. Rhonda Patrick has made on JRE. Rhonda Patrick will fill your brain with all sorts of research based wellness hacks. She is all about anti-aging/longevity and optimizing health. This podcast has influenced me to start growing my own broccoli sprouts and increased my obsession with sauna -ing.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is brilliant and has her scientist/doctor friends on to really drop some knowledge on you. I often have to consume these podcasts in multiple sittings because it is so much to take in, yet such valuable information. Get your pens and papers out, prepare to learn and begin to desire to take action to improve your nutrition for longevity.

*Added bonus, after listening your friends will think you are a genius when you are able to tell them about sulforaphane, epigenetics, the microbiome and gene polymorphisms.

Recommended episodes to get started: Dr. Satchin Panda on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health. Ray Cronise on Cold Thermogenesis, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss & Healthspan. Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Rhonda Patrick Talk Aging.

Watch on FoundMyFitness Youtube or download on itunes here

The Miesha Tate Show


Although I idolized Ronda Rousey during her UFC career (as you can tell from my previous post) and never called myself a Miesha Tate fan, I will admit now how much of a pioneer Miesha Tate was for women’s MMA. Fighters have access to all sorts of health and fitness experts, and Miesha does a great job asking them articulate questions to share their knowledge.

Fighters are a huge source of fitness inspiration for me. Getting to hear Miesha Tate’s story from starting out going to an MMA class for fitness when she was 19, to holding a champion belt in the UFC really show how far hard work and dedication can go.

Recommended episodes to get started: Episodes with Dr. Jonathan Edwards, Episode with Robert Follis: Miesha’s Coach and one of the respected in MMA.

Download it here on itunes

From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

This is a podcast that just made its debut, but I am already looking forward to more episodes being released. If you don’t know already, Rachel Brathen is a yoga teacher that lives in Aruba and is an incredibly beautiful and authentic with over a million followers.

What I love about Rachel, just from following here on instagram and instagram stories for so long is that she keeps it real. She really shows when her life is not perfect, and even when she was sick of being pregnant. At one point I would check everyday to see if she had her baby yet (waiting for poppy), it’s easy to feel like you’re really getting to know her.

If you want to dive more into the yoga and healing world this is a perfect podcast to get you going.

Recommended episodes to get started: Episode 2, Manifesting Abundance (I drew so much inspiration from this, and Rachel is great at telling her story!)

Listen on itunes


If you can’t tell by now, I consume many hours of podcasts. People put out free content that we can benefit from. My wellness journey would not be the same if I didn’t have these podcasts for entertainment during workouts. Also the information from these experts has changed my life and upped my wellness game. What podcasts are you listening to? I would love any new recommendations! Maybe I will even have the guts to start my own podcast some day…


Happy listening,

Life Update: Moving to the “Big City” and Training for a Half Marathon

Spring every year brings about so many big events and changes to my life. It also is an easy time to be active, living in the midwest, when it warms up. Thankfully being active outdoors makes it easy for me to manage any stress that comes along with changes.

In the last week I moved from my apartment that was next to a cornfield in Lincoln, Nebraska, to a little house downtown in the “big city” of Omaha. My friend told me that life living downtown isn’t much different, there’s just more people and places. Well, so far after one week I am loving this change, but it is a different way of life when the people and places are so much closer. Don’t get me wrong Omaha really is a smaller city compared to most urban environments in the United states, but it is still a huge lifestyle change for me.

This move so far really feels like it is making a positive impact on my running journey. I have felt embarrassed to call myself a runner, even though it is something that I have been focusing on for the last year. I consistently have been running two miles a few times a week. My favorite runs were last summer in the Nebraska heat with my husband along my side. We had a hill at the end of our path near our old house that we called the “ankle breaker”. I told my husband at the end of our runs he should feel free to go at an “all out” pace to finish, even if that meant leaving me in the dust. Being the sweetheart he is, he reluctantly agreed, and I would try as I might to keep up.

He really is the best running partner.

By the end of the summer I was keeping up, and dare I say I even beat my husband on the ankle breaker, once or twice. Maybe. We even increased our runs from 2 miles to 4 miles by the end of the summer. Running felt incredible for the first time.

I started logging my miles on a calendar and really noting what helped my performance. Diet and hydration became very obvious factors for me.

Compare this to a few years ago before I began my weight loss journey. I started crying after running for a minute and a half. No joke. I hated it and it felt awful.

I’ve never considered myself a runner, even when I played multiple sports growing up. Running was punishment and to this day I have awful memories of having to run “killers” in basketball or laps on the soccer field.

How I felt last summer, post-runs, on top of the world!

After my running this summer I stagnated over the winter and dreaded getting onto the treadmill. I did keep up with running two miles a few times a week and that helped me manage stress and maintain good cardiovascular health. Running on an indoor track really helped me with this as well.

I feel as though this change in my living situation along with the changing seasons will give me the momentum I need to start training for a half marathon. I don’t know when or where, and I have a long ways to go but I want to just put it out into the universe. I am going to run a half marathon.

City energy makes me want to go out and run! I feel like I am ready to make the sacrifices in my time to start really investing in my running journey. Today I am just excited to put it out there and darnit! I AM CALLING MYSELF A RUNNER NOW.

Thanks for keeping reading about the beginning of my journey, I would love if you had any tips or suggestions when it comes to running a half marathon, leave a comment!

Happy trails,