Life Update: Moving to the “Big City” and Training for a Half Marathon

Spring every year brings about so many big events and changes to my life. It also is an easy time to be active, living in the midwest, when it warms up. Thankfully being active outdoors makes it easy for me to manage any stress that comes along with changes.

In the last week I moved from my apartment that was next to a cornfield in Lincoln, Nebraska, to a little house downtown in the “big city” of Omaha. My friend told me that life living downtown isn’t much different, there’s just more people and places. Well, so far after one week I am loving this change, but it is a different way of life when the people and places are so much closer. Don’t get me wrong Omaha really is a smaller city compared to most urban environments in the United states, but it is still a huge lifestyle change for me.

This move so far really feels like it is making a positive impact on my running journey. I have felt embarrassed to call myself a runner, even though it is something that I have been focusing on for the last year. I consistently have been running two miles a few times a week. My favorite runs were last summer in the Nebraska heat with my husband along my side. We had a hill at the end of our path near our old house that we called the “ankle breaker”. I told my husband at the end of our runs he should feel free to go at an “all out” pace to finish, even if that meant leaving me in the dust. Being the sweetheart he is, he reluctantly agreed, and I would try as I might to keep up.

He really is the best running partner.

By the end of the summer I was keeping up, and dare I say I even beat my husband on the ankle breaker, once or twice. Maybe. We even increased our runs from 2 miles to 4 miles by the end of the summer. Running felt incredible for the first time.

I started logging my miles on a calendar and really noting what helped my performance. Diet and hydration became very obvious factors for me.

Compare this to a few years ago before I began my weight loss journey. I started crying after running for a minute and a half. No joke. I hated it and it felt awful.

I’ve never considered myself a runner, even when I played multiple sports growing up. Running was punishment and to this day I have awful memories of having to run “killers” in basketball or laps on the soccer field.

How I felt last summer, post-runs, on top of the world!

After my running this summer I stagnated over the winter and dreaded getting onto the treadmill. I did keep up with running two miles a few times a week and that helped me manage stress and maintain good cardiovascular health. Running on an indoor track really helped me with this as well.

I feel as though this change in my living situation along with the changing seasons will give me the momentum I need to start training for a half marathon. I don’t know when or where, and I have a long ways to go but I want to just put it out into the universe. I am going to run a half marathon.

City energy makes me want to go out and run! I feel like I am ready to make the sacrifices in my time to start really investing in my running journey. Today I am just excited to put it out there and darnit! I AM CALLING MYSELF A RUNNER NOW.

Thanks for keeping reading about the beginning of my journey, I would love if you had any tips or suggestions when it comes to running a half marathon, leave a comment!

Happy trails,