Putting Good In

Diet doesn’t do it justice. My diet has changed dramatically over the past 5 years. This is not uncommon as a 23 year old. My life has gone through huge changes. I was like any other teenager who ate whatever I wanted and when I went to college I discovered Big Macs, Whoops…

Flash forward to realizing that life gets more sedentary and clothes start to fit tighter, I tried to eat less rather that healthy. This is not a great “dieting” strategy. You know those 100 calorie pack of Oreos? Yeah, nobody has ever successfully just had one of those and stopped, that’s why Nabisco is genius. (For more on this concept I highly recommend reading the book Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Ross).

Anyway, weighing the moral and environmental factors of being a vegan or vegetarian, I realized over a number of years that this was not for me. I think that people are meant to eat animals and you should do whatever you need to in order to nourish your body.

This being said I love a great plant based recipe, and am always willing to supplement beans, nuts and seed for a source of protein. I just don’t do this seven days a week. What I live my life based on is trying to maximize nutrition. Intaking the good stuff. You are what you eat.

Looking back at my nutritional past I am amazed at the number of day I went when I didn’t eat one single vegetable or even a fruit. My body was literally sick, and not serving me well as a vessel. Having poor gut health and inflammation due to intaking a crazy amount of sugar resulted in a permanent bad mood.

Eating healthy is not something that comes easy for me but I actually enjoy doing it, I think of it as a hobby in addition to being a lifestyle. I also am the type of person who is fulfilled by caring for those around me, so curating healthy foods that my most skeptical loved ones like is gratifying.

Cohabiting with my husband was also huge for changing the way we eat. We imposed our bad habits on each other and then we had to figure out how to eat healthy together. Me and my husband have teammate mentality when it comes to everything, including wellness.

I am into the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating healthy vs. indulging. Life is too short, it’s okay to have a cheat once in awhile. Life is also too short to feel sick all the time. Being mindful of what foods makes me and my husband feel good has been key.

We do try to avoid processed foods, simple sugars, and sketchy ingredients. More importantly we love to try and maximize nutrition, feed our bodies and eat products that are responsibly made. When I look back at old journal writing I see that I alway mention that I wish to improve the way I eat even more, this has really manifested in my life in the last few years. I look at my health in a holistic manner and what I put in my body is what I get back in the way I feel. 

Mindfulness is one word I want to embody my nutrition. Putting good food in my body.

All this being said I hope to have a few recipes coming to my corner this month. If I can make them so can you. And if you are a fellow skeptic, my husband is my toughest critic and the taste-tester for my cooking. So they are all Kado + Husband approved.  

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